What Are Greek Women Like? Describing Common Characteristics

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Greek women are rightly considered one of the most desirable girls in Europe and the world. The reason for their attractiveness lies in the unique combination of physical traits and character features. So a typical lady from this Mediterranean country looks very sexy. But it remains open-minded and pleasant in conversation. So consider the main features of the average Greek woman:

  • Physical attractiveness. Greek girls are medium-height brunettes. At the same time, they aren’t low either. Due to the low-calorie Mediterranean cuisine, Greek mail order brides are slim and fit. They are also famous for their tiny waists and slender legs. No wonder since ancient times, ladies from this country have served as a standard of female beauty;
  • family orientation. Beautiful Greek women are excellent wives and housekeepers. They value family values, care about their husbands and children. And another undoubted positive feature is their understanding and support of the traditional gender roles in the family;
  • manners. This trait surprises every foreigner from North America and Western Europe. After all, in these regions, polite and respectful brides are becoming a rarity. Instead, Greek girls consider good-temper as a virtue;
  • erudition. Every man, sooner or later, encounters gorgeous but not interesting girls. Poor education and limited worldview can be an obstacle in building a serious relationship. Fortunately, Greek brides have a good education and are excellent interlocutors. You can talk to them on any topic.

What Are The Mindset And Personality Of Girls From Greece?

In addition to the main features mentioned above, there are many less obvious but no less essential qualities when choosing Greek girls for marriage. The typical local bride is complete purity, sincerity, and openness. Love intrigues are not for her, and feelings of coquetry and depravity are not familiar to her either. She is not a heartbreaker at all. It means that Greek girls will wait with all devotion for the only love. And when a lady from Greece meets such a person, she will stay with him forever and become the most faithful and reliable companion for life.

Greek beauty is not one of those who are easy to seduce with sweet words and gifts. A man must be sincere and patient. Sometimes the fear of making a mistake forces a typical Greek girl to hide her most tender and most profound feelings for her husband. Many men think of money as a universal solution for everything. But it is almost impossible to find Greek women for sale. So men who want to find a wife from Greece should take this into account. It is necessary to consider also the main differences of local girls compared to brides from other countries.

Greek Mail Order Bride

Most Common Greek Women Characteristics

Local girls are balanced and realistic. They are not inclined to show strong emotions. Therefore, your compliment addressed to another woman will not cause a scandal. But this, of course, if she is confident in your love. Otherwise, you risk learning the power of her anger.

We have already mentioned the elegance of Greek brides, but it is appropriate to reveal this topic in more detail. They know how to show femininity. At the same time, local ladies love when there are few clothes on the body. They manage to emphasize the color because in the soul of each local girl live a little stylist. Greek mail-order brides enjoy life in its various manifestations. Good clothes, delicious drinks, tasty food, beautiful paintings, and good music!

Those men who have already found a Greek bride appreciate their tenderness and devotion. But at the same time, it is essential not to allow the development of their pessimistic sentiments. Do not swear at them. Otherwise, you will feel their “heavy” weapon – indifference and coldness.

Greek brides are skeptical of fantasies. These materialists need to see and “touch” the dream. They are unwilling to take risks, but if Greek ladies conclude that it is worth it, they can even try a long-term target.

Beautiful and strong, a Greek bride under challenging situations will not sit and cry. Without fuss and panic, they will help partners to find a solution to any problem. And you will undoubtedly find many Greek girls for a serious relationship.

Greek Girlfriend Differs From American One

All women in the world have their differences and similarities. At the same time, there are no nationalities with unique characteristics. Similarly, Greek brides have a lot in common with other Mediterranean Europeans but are different from Scandinavian brides. While Greek women looking for marriage, American are looking for love and independence.

Therefore, to better demonstrate the characteristics of Greek girls, it is appropriate to compare them with someone known to all. American brides are best suited for this role. And here’s why:

  • Americans are the third most populated nation in the world. More than Americans, only Chinese or Indian;
  • thanks to the mass media and modern pop culture, typical American girls are well known compared to other women;
  • English is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​globally, so it’s easier to chat with American women than girls from any other country.

So let’s compare American and Greek girls to understand the reason for the popularity of local girls amid American men. The following comparison should better highlight the attractive qualities of Greek ladies:

  • Loudness. It is, of course, a generalization, but still, Greek girls behave much quieter and calmer. Not only in public places but also in private communication. American girls, on the other hand, are pretty loud and constantly attract attention. There is nothing wrong with such behavior. But men around the world are more likely to prefer calmer brides when choosing a future wife;
  • classier elegance. Usually, Greek brides are more concerned about their image in everyday life. Stylish clothes, a neat hairstyle, and classic shoes are essential aspects of overall appearance. In contrast, American women do not attach importance to style in everyday life. A much more important factor is convenience;
  • physical shape. Greek women are mostly smaller and slimmer than American women. And the reason is not in the passion for sports or visiting the gym. It’s a matter of lifestyle. Local girls eat less fast food, often walk and pay attention to their health. It explains why are Greek so beautiful;
  • femininity. This difference has appeared relatively recently, but every year it is more noticeable. Greek women are feminine and emphasize this. While American women are more masculine, they often abandon their feminine nature.

Of course, all the above examples are generalizations. But they are nevertheless true. There are many more differences and similarities, but even the whole article won’t be enough to describe everything.

Alternatives to Greek Women

As we noted earlier, there are many women with similar characteristics to Greek brides. But differences are also present. Therefore, consider some examples of alternatives to Greek brides:

Italian women. Even more stylish and refined. Excellent homemakers, loving wives, and caring mothers. Modern and well-educated. Passionate mistresses and somewhat jealous wives. In many ways, they are very similar to Greek girls, but Italians are pretty noisy and sometimes unrestrained because of their passion. And because of this matter, they look too foreign women in Greece;

Serbs. These neighbors of the Greeks are lovely. Girls from this country are often called the prominent beauties of the region. Raised old-fashioned, they respect traditional gender roles in the family. Therefore, men who want a serious relationship often choose a Serb. These girls have one trait that scares many men – it’s their height. Brides from this country are tall, and this makes finding a partner quite difficult;

Albanians. Another neighbor from the Balkans. Outwardly, the girls from this small mountainous country are very similar to Greek brides. But from a cultural point of view, they are entirely different. Most of the local girls are Muslim, so they are pretty orthodox when building a family. It is crucial for them to marry and start building a family.

We have considered examples of geographically or culturally close brides. But for men unfamiliar with any of these nationalities, it is worth considering a comparison of Greek brides with American brides.

Is It Difficult Dating a Greek Mail Order Bride?

There are several ways to start dating a Greek woman. Each method has advantages and disadvantages and depends on the availability of time, desire, and money. Therefore, we will indicate only three:

  • A trip to the Mediterranean can be an incredible adventure. Here man will not only be able to find a wife in Greece but also to have a rest. Beautiful landscapes and millennial history make this country a trendy tourist destination. Of course, finding a Greek wife in this way is relatively expensive and energy-consuming;
  • Marriage agencies are also a popular option. Not the cheapest way to find a crush, but it saves a lot of time. In addition, those agencies are good at finding Greek women for marriage. It will immediately weed out non-serious candidates;
  • Dating sites are nowadays the most popular option for finding a bride. Everyone has the opportunity to use the Internet. This option is very convenient and extremely cheap. Often, even free. Therefore, it is not surprising that Greek women most often choose such sites to find a date.
Greek Ladies for marriage

Why Are Greek Ladies Looking For Foreign Men Online?

Not only young girls but also older women prefer online communication. After all, it is so convenient, without leaving the walls of your home, to make acquaintances around the world. And if you’re lucky, one online acquaintance can dramatically change your life for the better. Finding love on the Internet has become easier than ever. Usually, Greek women are looking for a man online because of such motives:

  • Dating on social networks or forums of various sites is different from dating in real life. A Greek woman can relax and approach this matter calmly. She can choose what interests the guy, consider his profile, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages. In real life, you have to navigate instantly. And the risk of saying something inappropriate on the street is relatively high;
  • Online communication allows a Greek girl to focus and think carefully about the answers in correspondence. You can always take some time to think about the original phrase or a more accurate comment. So it is much easier to seem a more attractive and erudite interlocutor;
  • Dating sites provide a large selection of profiles for every taste. It is possible to evaluate photos, information in the questionnaire, details of the Internet image. And after the conclusions, the Greek woman can decide whether to start communication. The opportunities of online dating in this regard are not limited. You can find your future Greek wife among hundreds of thousands of users.

What Men Does a Greek Bride Prefer?

Greek women are often attracted not by one specific trait of a man but by a whole set of qualities. Assessing which, the girl will understand if she likes him or not. Nobody will give ready instructions, but there is an approximate list of qualities that Greek girls prefer. You don’t have to fit in it, but it is an excellent guideline to pay attention to. If a man meets at least some of the following criteria, to please a legitimate Greek mail order bride will not be a difficult task:

  • self-confidence;
  • having a sense of humor;
  • readiness to become the head of the family;
  • strive for self-development;
  • show attention and care;
  • be proactive.


Cute Greek girls are predominately charming brunettes. But in addition to appearance, they also have a lot of good character traits. Greek ladies are calm, balanced, and family-oriented. Marriage and family values ​​are still important to them.

It is probably why more and more men from all over the world easily fall in love with Greek girls. Despite some geographical outskirt of Greece on the map of Europe, thousands of guys come here for brides. And even more, are registered on dating sites and try to find Greek women online.

Greek women are unique and different from other Western women. Local girls maintained their femininity in an era when American and British women were becoming more masculine.

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