Irish women have recently attracted the attention of foreign men who want to marry a lovely bride. Local girls immediately become one of the favorites among European women. And there are several reasons for such a success:

  • Culture and language. Most foreigners who are looking for a wife are American men. And this is very convenient because the Irish and the Americans have a lot in common. They are representatives of Western culture and speak the same language. Many Canadians as well come to find a wife in Ireland;
  • Attractiveness. Modern Irish ladies are beautiful. Mostly, they are brunettes with green eyes and a sexy body;
  • Good character and a positive mindset. It is pretty easy to fall in love with a typical Irish lady because she is very friendly and cheerful;
  • Traditional education. Beautiful Irish women have a traditional Catholic upbringing. It makes them especially popular among men who appreciate family values.

What Are Irish Women Like?

Irish brides are incredibly feminine, charming, and sensitive. They love when their crush surrounds them with care, says compliments, even the most ordinary ones. After all, the main thing is sincerity.

Even after a few minutes of a first date with an Irish girl, the man will feel like he has known her whole life. Local brides are so loving and caring. Irish ladies are cautious in their statements, so they can rarely offend anyone. It is challenging to find Irish women with bad manners.

The phrase “I love you” at dawn is the best start to the day for Irish brides. No diamonds will replace the joy of true feelings.

Irish women are diplomatic and behave casually in an unfamiliar company. But if someone suddenly decides to offend them, that person will make a mistake. Irish brides are shrewd individuals. They easily notice the insincerity and weaknesses of others, so they will find a way to respond with dignity.

Irish brides love comfort and entertainment. But we can’t say that local girls strive to gain wealth. Even though beautiful things and sensual pleasures inspire them. They do not live in worries about tomorrow. Irish ladies are more worried about the present. And future – future will be alright.

Like most romantic natures, Irish beauties need solitude from time to time. So the peace will cleanse them of stress and fear. Foreign women in Ireland say that local brides show vulnerability only to loved ones, and in the outside world, they behave confidently and independently. Irish women should not be betrayed or violated. They will never forgive.

Irish women are sensitive and cheerful, but their hearts are not so easy to win. If you succeed, then fate will give you the most desirable and faithful wife.

Irish Women

How Irish Girls For Marriage Differs From Other Women?

All of the above, to a greater or lesser extent, applies to women of other nationalities. But there are a few features that distinguish the Irish among all.

Ability to make friends. Irish women are very sociable and usually have a wide range of communication. Relatives and friends are essential for Irish girls. Without those closest people, the Irish do not see their lives. With ladies from this country, you can relax and have fun.

Many men claim that local girls are friends unselfishly and passionately. Others say that in friendship and entertainment, girls from Ireland are more like men than women.

Humor is another distinguishing trait of Irish girls. Women from this island are famous for their excellent sense of humor and innate ability to adapt to any situation. Irish are masters of improvisation, and their ability to solve problems is almost legendary.

Self-irony. The ability to laugh at yourself is a real superpower of all Irish women. After all, joy and laughter prolong life. Existence is full of failures and adverse events. But Irish ladies know how to turn any trouble into jokes. This ability helps to keep the nerves and avoid stressful situations. Maybe it is a reason why the typical Irish wife lives almost a hundred years.

Are Cute Irish Girls Better Than American Ones?

Irish women are the most popular among men from North America. Maybe it’s because of the common language or for some other reason. So we decided to make a small comparison of women from Ireland and the United States:

  • Makeup. American women love cosmetics, solariums, and everything related to the beauty industry. Irish ladies, on the other hand, love naturalness. Being who you are is very important for local girls. Irish women looking for makeup only on special occasions;
  • Openness in conversations. The typical Irish bride does not like to tell personal information to strangers. American ladies are incredibly open. They are easy to get to know and ready to talk about anything in the world;
  • Independence. American ladies are considered one of the most independent girls in the world. But even Americansican are not as independent as Irish women. Local girls pay for themselves, start living on their own early, and get married after 30. Of course, there are exceptions, but in general, this is the reality;
  • Body consciousness. It is a well-known fact that many American women spend a lot of time in the gym. Trying to look as sexy and attractive as possible. The typical Irish mail order bride, on the other hand, accept herself as she is.

What Are The Alternatives To Girls From Ireland?

If you are interested in Irish beauties but some character traits seem superfluous. We want to consider other options. Here is a small list of alternative brides from other countries:

A French lady is an excellent option for men looking for a sophisticated and sporty bride. Women from this country are open-minded and educated. They love to play sports, so their physical shape is usually excellent. And despite the widespread stereotype of dislike for English, almost all locals know it.

Germans are an example of straightforwardness. Some consider these women rude, but we think that those people are not used to honesty. German brides value independence, as well as Irish mail order brides.

Ukrainian women are genuine diamonds of Eastern Europe. They are stunning, and they know how to look after themselves. Also, girls from Ukraine are family-oriented and become wonderful wives and loving mothers. Too many men from all over the world dream of finding love in this country;

Norwegians are a standard of restraint and courtesy. At first glance, these girls may seem very cold and unfriendly. But this is not the case. Ladies from this Scandinavian country do not show their true nature to strangers. But as soon as a man gets to know Norwegian women better, he learns that local brides are very nice and friendly. Not as friendly as Irish mail-order brides but very close;

Spanish women are synonymous with passion. Ladies from the Iberian Peninsula are like fire – very passionate and attractive. But if you do something wrong, you can get burned. These girls are very romantic in a relationship. They love compliments and gifts, but their main qualities are sincerity and loyalty.

How To Meet a Legitimate Irish Mail Order Bride?

In the 21st century, there are several options for starting dating an Irish bride. Man does not even need to live permanently in this picturesque country. All he needs is internet access and a certain amount of free time. And, of course, a genuine desire to find love because thousands of Irish girls for a serious relationship are available.

Today, there are many options for starting a romantic relationship. But we will dwell on a few of the most commonly used. So, we propose to consider the following ways:

  • Marriage agencies. At first glance, marriage agencies may seem outdated. But thanks to the Internet, this way of searching for Irish brides has gained new life. The user needs to register on the site and provide his details and wishes regarding the desired candidate. After that, specialists or special programs will select a suitable partner for the user. This option saves a lot of time and effort. The only downside is the cost of marriage agency services;
  • dating sites. The most common choice nowadays. 70% of all dates take place through websites and applications. Users also need to register, post one or two good photos, provide basic information and wishes about the partner. That’s it – man can start the search. This method is very cheap and costs about $ 10 per month. Of course, there are both more affordable and more expensive platforms. The downside is the process of finding an Irish girlfriend. After all, flipping through thousands of profiles and reading profile info takes a lot of time.

Of course, a man can pack up his staff and go to Ireland. Combining the vacation with the search for a bride. Or meet local girls during a business trip. But we understand that such options are available only to a few. Therefore, it is better to use a dating site or marriage agency services.

Irish Girls For Marriage

Why Irish Women Are Looking For A Man On The Internet

The Internet has become an integral part of almost everyone’s life. And it affects many areas of the life of modern Irish ladies. Every year, the time spent online is only growing. So it is not surprising when choosing between dating on the street or in a noisy club and dating on the Internet, the second option wins. It is much more pleasant to sit at home, behind the monitor screen, drink tea, and send the message to the guy on a social network or a dating site. It is more comfortable and easier to go online, spend an hour looking at questionnaires, and choose people with whom to communicate. In summary, we can identify the following advantages:

  • no need to stomp for hours on the street;
  • no need to think about your appearance at the time of acquaintance;
  • On the Internet, an Irish woman can review the questionnaire and determine in advance whether she likes a particular person or not;
  • Ability to maintain communication with several interlocutors simultaneously and constantly expand the circle of candidates;
  • No need to respond instantly. Irish bride has an opportunity to think carefully before answering. However, not everyone uses this opportunity;
  • On the Internet, the Irish bride has many more options from which to choose a potential husband. It is especially actual for such a small country as Ireland;
  • No extra costs for drinks, travel, and so on.

How To Start Dating An Irish Woman?

The Internet is a great thing that has already united many hearts. There are some secrets on how to please an Irish girl online.

And you can do this using only the keyboard, without direct contact, alcohol, and gifts. All you need to do is prepare well and fulfill a few conditions:

  • Study your chosen one, pay attention to interests, place of residence. Based on the data obtained, form the first question;
  • Follow the ethics of communication on the Internet – do not reduce the distance sharply, do not forget about politeness, pay attention to literacy, make honesty a priority;
  • Think outside the box, be funny and interesting;
  • Find out how to communicate with the girl in the future. Learn about common interests and relevant topics for conversations about which you will talk later;
  • Show care and attention. It is one of the most critical conditions because Irish women looking for marriage with a caring man.;
  • Ask about the past and the future;
  • Joke. It’s a valuable move to make a few jokes in the chat;
  • Ask about her plans. This conversation can smoothly transition from correspondence to communication in real life.

And if a real-time date does happen, there won’t be much reason to worry about it. After all, you have already met online. Irish girls love honesty, so be yourself. And by no means pretend to be someone else. Local ladies have a powerful ability to recognize falsehoods and lies. No wonder there are so many mysterious legends about Ireland.


Irish women for marriage have many great traits. Friendliness, sense of humor, self-irony, and honesty are only a few of many cool features. The love for naturalness explains why are Irish so beautiful. They just don’t use those tons of cosmetics.

There are many Irish women looking for love on the internet, but men should avoid scam-sites that offer Irish women for sale.

Kelly Morales is a dating coach with 4 years of experience in connecting Latin-American singles. She focuses on new romantic relationships, friendships, work relationships, and long-term partnerships. She also inspires people to learn to love dating by making it fun. Our author has been featured on BBC1, Sky, and Channel 4 and is a regular columnist for Cosmopolitan. She helps in creating this website for men who want to meet a foreign bride but are lack of information or confidence.