Actually, the myth about gorgeous Eastern European girls is true. Mail order brides from Latvia are a living example of how beautiful these ladies are.

Characteristics of Latvian Girls

They Are Unbelievably Beautiful

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Most of these women have naturally blonde or light brown hair, bright or grey eyes, and a fair complexion. As for height, Latvian people are considered to be the tallest people in the world. If you’re searching for a long-legged supermodel type, then Latvian single ladies are there for you. Most of the girls in Latvia keep their figure slim and proportionate, and they aren’t into building chunky glutes at the gym. These beauties love doing sports and have a healthy diet. This gives them amazing bodies and glowing skin. 

Latvian Girls Have a Perfect Sense of Style

Latvian females dress to impress. You will never see a lady in old yoga pants and stretched out t-shirt in Latvia because local ladies are all about dolling themselves up before going out to the street. Beautiful Latvian brides wear fashionable clothes that underline their best features. You will see a lot of girls who wear heels and skirts in this country. 

But even though local ladies look like luxuriously groomed porcelain dolls, they never go too far with their makeup. Gorgeous Latvian girls are naturally beautiful and do not need crossing the line in their makeup. Also, Latvian beauties are very trend-sensitive and love dressing fashionably. A Latvian beauty will notice you if you look stylish.

Latvian Women Are Open-Minded

Over 20% of women in Latvia marry foreigners. That’s a pretty big number, isn’t it? In fact, the amount of men in Latvia is 8 times less than the number of women. This gender gap is considered to be the biggest in the world, and it occurred as a result of the Second World War.

As a consequence, women have tough times finding the right guy. The choice of men is not so wide, and most of them are very abusive and prone to cheating. The only way for a Latvian woman to build a successful relationship is to be open-minded enough to marry a foreigner. Most young women in this country are fluent English speakers, which allows them to have no problems while speaking to foreigners. Also, beautiful Latvian women have no religion and are excited about exploring other cultures. They also believe in the power of being well-educated and invest in a good degree. Be sure that you will be able to discuss any topics with your Latvian wife.

These Beauties Have Traditional Values

Modern Latvia is far away from patriarchy in its traditional meaning. Though Latvian family values are still alive there. Local ladies dream of building a strong family with the one they love. Housekeeping is also not a big deal for these beauties. They will do the cooking, ironing and cleaning, take kids to school and help them do the homework. However, your bride will only take an active part in housekeeping if she won’t feel that you equally contribute to the family as well. So don’t expect to lay on the couch while your Latvian girl will do everything instead of you. 

Girls from Latvia Are Moderately Feminist

Eastern Europe is pretty feminist-oriented but is far from the Western type of feminism. Ladies from Latvia know their worth and won’t obey you like servants, but they still need a strong man by their side. Be ready to get called by your Latvian bride out if you’ve done something wrong. At the same time, your Latvian lady is more likely not to be annoyed with you paying for her at the restaurant. These highly-educated beauties surely don’t need a man to provide for them, but they are always happy to receive flowers and gifts as signs of attention. 

Where to Meet Latvian Brides

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Once you know all the advantages of dating a Latvian lady, you have to acknowledge the ways of finding yourself one. Let’s browse through the most popular options and see which one is the best:

On the Street

Meeting Latvian women on the street may sound intriguing. Riga, which is the capital of Latvia, always welcomes tourists. Though not only regular tourists go to Riga. This Eastern European city is considered to be Europe’s capital of sex tourism. Sound horrible, doesn’t it?

Don’t be surprised if a girl is rude to you when you approach her on the street and she acknowledges that you are a foreigner. This lady might think you’re one of the sex tourists and reject you immediately. To sum up, the streets of Latvia are not a good place for new acquaintances. 

In a Bar

As it was said before, Latvia is the European capital of sex tourism. Night clubs are very popular amongst such tourists, and they are very commonplace for their “hunting”. Latvian sex workers know that and look for such men too. You can already see that it’s not the best scenery for meeting your future wife.


Dating sites are the best place for finding ladies with serious intentions. You don’t even need to go to Riga and struggle with meeting girlfriends ls in real life. The only thing you have to do is to get registered on one of the dating platforms, create an attractive profile, describe yourself and your potential perfect match. Here you go! 

Sites to Meet Latvian Women

Latvian singles are independent and feminist, yet very family-oriented and feminine. These ladies know how to take care of the family and the house They prioritize good education and are open-minded, though the gender gap makes them struggle to find the right man. The dating sites got you covered if you want to find a cute Latvian girl for serious relationships and marriage. Here are the top-rated ones:

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